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Whitehead Art Collection
  Ingrid Neuhofer Dohm Originals

The office art collection of Stan and Dee Premo has beenreleased for sale. All Paintings are heavily reduced in price due to the sale of their Whitehead office building and loss of its expansive display wall space.

This 31-piece collection includes acrylic and watercolor painting of florals, landscapes, street scenes and three 6' x 17' landscape murals.

Paintings are on display at various business locations as well as the collector's residence. Showing are available at one of the business locations or can be delivered and hung at your home or office for an in-place viewing.

Appointments: Dee Premo at 815-979-5100 or dpremo@whiteheadweb.com

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Whitehead Office Furniture Sale
  Top Quality - New or Almost New

Owners are retiring. Building is sold. Office furniture now for sale. Matching desk, chairs and files available at prices wickedly reduced from current market value. Upgrade or expand at huge savings now as the economy is picking up speed and rewarding smart investors.

Push the performance and profitability buttons for maximum ROI. Reward your hard-working people with greater comfort, style and efficiency. Outfit a room or an entire office. Choose just one piece or multiple workstations.

Over 100 HON steel desk, chairs and file setups available. One unique executive office suite and a special conference room setup, both with removable glass surfaces, are now for sale.

Check out the FURNITURE section of this website for specifics and pricing. Individual piece pricing is irresistible, and amazing savings are available to volume purchasers.

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